Sherwood Park Music Inc. has been a part of the Sherwood Park Community for almost 30 years! We offer the best in music instruction on a wide range of instruments, voice and styles. We offer programs that appeal to you pre-schoolers, all the way to adult rockers!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Starting at $108/month (for Monday students) or $119/month (for Tues-Sat students)

Runs until the end of June

30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute lessons

Instruments of choice:
Banjo, Brass, Drums, Guitar, Harmony, History, Piano, Rudiments, Voice, Violin, Ukulele, Woodwinds

Group Lessons

Ukulele or Violin Ensemble


7 – 12 years old

If you’re studying ukulele or violin and would like to have the opportunity to play with others, this is the group for you. Learn the music, rehearse and perform (2 performances per semester).

Group Lessons

WeJam Music Program

Take your music lessons to the next level. Join one of our bands or ensembles and “jam” with other students! Learn about performance, composition and let your creative energy come to life in these 1 hour/week “jams”. Enhance your musical skills and build confidence in all aspects of life. Students placed according to genre, age and skill level. Celebrate the student’s development at our WeJam Music Festival next June.