Sandra began learning piano at the age of 4 when her parents enrolled her in group piano lessons. After completing those, she started taking private piano lessons, which she took during her childhood years and as a teenager. After high school, Sandra continued to take lessons at a college she attended and continued to receive certification from Royal Conservatory of Music. In college, Sandra also took a number of other music courses as well as religious curriculum and graduated with an AARS Degree. Sandra has also taken various university courses, and has attended seminars on teaching music. Besides learning and teaching piano, music has always been a large part of Sandra’s life. She has been involved in various musical activities such as performing and accompanying on the piano, playing in bands with her synthesizer keyboard, singing in choirs, performing in musicals, etc. She enjoys playing, listening to, and teaching various types of music. Sandra is excited about sharing her love of music with her students and helping them develop their artistic talents and musical abilities on the piano in a fun and enjoyable learning environment.