Karl Trautman

This is Karl Trautmann. He was born in B.C. where he lived until 2014 when he moved to Edmonton. He loves sports, books, the outdoors, and most of all music. He has always loved music and he especially enjoys sharing it with others. He started with piano when he was four years old and has his grade 9 piano RCM and the accompanying grade 3 Theory (History and Harmony). He started singing in choirs and with friends not long after but more recently started studying it formally in music school in Victoria and here at Concordia. He also studied the clarinet (grade 8 RCM) and recently started using his piano skills to study the pipe organ. He taught himself the guitar, saxophone, and drums and has played the latter two of them in school as well. He started teaching in 2011. He teaches mostly classical but has a fondness for pop, rock, and jazz as well.