Cam Steele

This is Cam Steele. One of his sayings is “living the dream everyday.” He takes special care to think about what he wants to do and then he try my best to pursue it! He has a dream to be the best teacher he can be for his students. When he was 10 years old, he got a guitar for Christmas. Like all children should, he was blessed with opportunities to do things like hockey, swimming, martial arts, science camps, golf and many other fun activities. Music became something that he chose for himself. His goal for his students is to find something for them to believe in too. He hopes to spread the joy of music, the empathy it instilled in him, and the critical thinking it help develop.

As a musician, he enjoys creating things. He hopes to help students anyway he can and as a composer, he is happy to help in the creative process of learning to write music. Playing in all kinds of bands with different genres, it seems the more he listens, the more stuff he likes. Just like food, he likes it all and he’s always hungry!

His background in music started in rock and blues. In highschool, he started digging jazz, video game, movie soundtracks, classical guitar. By the time he got into MacEwan University’s Music program, he was listening to hip hop, EDM, bluegrass, country, anything under sun!

Teaching is one of his favourite things to do. He enjoys helping students find what they like. He loves getting people started, broadening horizons of intermediates, helping students reach their goals, he loves finding a path for his students. Something very important to him is getter his students to really play music rather than just learn it. The difference is developing a deeper understanding of music beyond just instruction. He teaches music like a language, to assist in making a voice for his student!

When he’s not teaching guitar, he enjoys writing for bands, orchestration, playing shows, running, going to the gym, and loving life. Part of living the dream everyday is being grateful for all the wonderful things around you!